"Photography is a love affair with life"

If you're a new photographer who's ready to launch the photography business of your dreams and save yourself months (or even years) of stress and confusion, you're in the right place! I will be your biggest cheerleader and helping hand into the life you envision for yourself!

Coaching Call

A one hour phone call or Facetime sesh where you can pick my brain and learn what I have learned over the last seven years as a full time photographer through mistakes, trial and error, and feedback. A brief questionnaire will be sent prior to help outline the topics you're most interested in covering.

beginning at $250

Coffee Date

What's better than learning and making a new friend over coffee?! A 1.5 hour deep dive into photography struggles as well as business strategies to help you transform your business from side hustle to full time entrepreneur! You will leave with a brand new photo bestie and actionable feedback you can implement asap.

beginning at $300

1:1 Styled Shoot Mentorship

The most in depth, fastest way to make a difference in your photography business. A one on one mentorship at a curated styled shoot, catered to your specific wants and needs. A two hour shoot with volunteer models/subjects where I will coach you side by side, seeing strategic decisions being made in the moment, with explanations and reasoning behind it all. I will be a complete open book, all while having a blast, laughing and giggling until our cheeks hurt, probably. Oh and did I mention you go home with more than just a newfound confidence for your future sessions... you get AMAZiNG new photos for your own portfolio to share with potential clients immediately!

beginning at $750